Alaska's inside passage, Seattle to Anchorage 1:900000

The west coast of North America is so long that we have divided it into segments - the Central American and Mexican segments are shown on maps of those areas. We recently released our USA Pacific Coast Map, covering the segment between San Diego and Vancouver. This map completes the mapping of the Pacific Ocean coastline by mapping the routes followed by cruise ships and Alaska Ferries heading north from Seattle and Vancouver to Alaska. This is a double-sided map, with Vancouver Island and the coastline as far north as Prince Rupert on one side (with inset maps of Seattle, Victoria, and Vancouver)on side 1, and the coastline north to Glacier Bay and an onward inset map to Anchorage (including an inset map of the city) on the second side. As the actual routes followed by the numerous cruise lines vary, we can't show their actual sailing routes, but they generally follow the coastline within viewing distance of either the mainland or coastal islands, or both. We have included the normal ferry routes followed by both BC Ferries and Alaska Ferries in their network of watery trails joining coastal communities, and the large cruise ships follow much the same routes.

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