Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania

A comprehensive and superbly illustrated guide to these three Baltic states, featuring over 350 full-colour photographs and maps. From Riga to Kurzeme, and from Vilnius to Aukstaitija, this brand new Insight Guide to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania covers it all. The 'Places' section contains a region-by-region breakdown of the three republics; with top attractions highlighted and cross-referenced to detailed local maps for easy navigation at a glance.

It features a 'Best of the Baltic States' section highlighting the top attractions not to be missed, along with the editor's personal choice of exclusive and unique recommendations to make your trip extra special. Incisively written and highly visual essays explore each country's history, people and culture. They provide illuminating cultural information on everything from saunas, music and folklore, to arts and literature.

A 'Travel Tips' section includes practical listings for all the most essential information you will need on your trip, including reviews and full descriptions of over 300 hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, information on transport, entertainment and nightlife, plus useful contact telephone numbers and addresses. The unique combination of insightful information alongside practical advice means that this guide truly is a pleasure to read before, during and after your visit to the Baltic States - be sure not to leave without it.

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