Languedoc. De Montpellier aux gorges du Tarn

Marvel at a Romanesque sculpture, shivering in an anatomy conservatory, stroll through a medieval village, browse a canal linking the two seas, or enjoy the quiet of a lonely landscape ... The Blue Guide, the essential cultural guide you reveals the secrets of the Languedoc, Lozère the Larzac plateau through Roman Nîmes and Montpellier's forward thinking.

In this new formula, we offer:
- Historical walks punctuated with anecdotes to explore Montpellier, Nîmes and Aigues-Mortes.
- Detailed routes to discover the vast desert of the Causse Mejean, the wild beauty of the Tarn gorges, scrubland and vineyards of the Montpellier hinterland. - See more at:

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