Mapa mural Bali plegado inglés 1:145.000 102x69

This updated edition of the popular Bali Wall Map is scaled at 1:135,000 and features an easy-to-use legend for quick reference. When not in use, the map can be folded to a compact 7 1/2 x 11 inches and stored in a protective pocket with a cardstock cover. However, when opened, it hangs for easy display.

This third edition focuses on features such as:
transportation (airport, ferries, major and secondary roads, etc.)
recreational amenities (beaches, museums, golf courses and more)
places of worship, educational facilities, lighthouses and towers
physical features (ponds, rivers, lakes) and more!
Considered the number one publisher of maps for foreign tourists and travelers in Asia, Periplus maps cover most of the major cities and travel destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. The series includes an amazing variety of fascinating destinations, from the multifaceted subcontinent of India to the bustling city-state of Singapore and the 'western style' metropolis of Sydney to the Asian charms of Bali. All titles are regularly updated, ensuring they keep up with the considerable changes in this fast-developing part of the world. This extensive geographical reach and attention to detail mean that Periplus Wall Maps are the natural first choice for anyone traveling to or learning about the region

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