Myanmar 1: 2.150.000

This is a double sided, illustrated, folded map of Myanmar, featuring the River Ayeyawady (Irrawaddy) and year round tourism attractions. On one side there is a 1:2,150,000 scale map of Myanmar (Burma) with 26 essays describing key attractions and features of the country, with 20 colour photographs. On the other side is a 1:3,150,000 scale map of the Greater Mekong Sub-Region showing the countries neighbouring Myanmar and centred on the Mekong River, again with colour photographs. For centuries the Mekong has provided inland transportation for people, and merchandise for millions living along its banks, and tributaries. This mother of all rivers flows through six countries in the heart of Southeast Asia and forms part of the international border between Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. Myanmar, is on the threshold of great change. In recent years, the world has revered the courage and dignity of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese woman who wishes to blend the best of the past with the progressive tones of modernity. Whether travellers journey by train or boat, this enchanting country offers many quaint if not eccentric cultural quests. As supermarkets are built alongside street stalls and Internet services enter daily life, Myanmar's timelessness may well protect each future generation as the veil of Buddhism rests deeply around Myanmar's soul. While Myanmar is a country rich in natural resources but needy in infrastructure - a country in transition - its magic will prevail. This illustrated map provides an overview of the region which may be studied by the visitor to aid planning and carried whilst travelling.

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