Seattle 1:12.500 & Northwest USA (1:1.000.000)
Descuento del 5%

We are pleased to announce the release of a brand new re-working of Seattle, which this time is represented (in its updated format) along with a map of its regional surrounding area on the reverse side. Visitors to the city and locals as well can now have an extremely detailed urban map at 1:12,500 scale as well as a map which we call Northwest USA, covering the Interstate 5 network down to the California border and going east into the Cascades and south-east into Oregon, with its northern extremity ending at Vancouver. Seattle is one of the largest and most prosperous cities in America, home to Boeing Aircraft, Microsoft, and Starbuck's Coffee. With four million people in its immediate area, the city offers history, modernality, and nature, with dormant volcano Mount Rainier being right on its doorstep. Sea-Tac Airport is a major hub for flights to Europe, Asia, and Alaska, and the city, the unofficial twin to Vancouver, is an ideal spot for exploring the Pacific North West (which will be the focus of a forthcoming ITMB map).

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